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Hotel County  Earthquake photo
Masonic Hotel today

The the replacement Municipal Theatre was built in 1938. The design of the building was placed second in a competition which was run by the council. To find out about the first place you will have to come on a tour.  The Pan Pac Foyer was added approximately seven years ago.

This building was enormous in size, the stage was the biggest in the southern hemisphere. The theatre could seat up to 1600 people. Our new theatre only seats 1,000.

Alas, the ruins of the old Municipal Theatre. In town brick was more preferred than wood, however the bricks and the mortar were not of a good quality in Napier, not good enough to stand a 7.8 earthquake.

Hotel County is the oldest reinforced building in Napier, constructed in 1908. It was  the County offices before & after the quake. A new top story was constructed. You can see the windows are of a different period. Now it is a boutique hotel which has completely been altered & refurbished inside, to a stunning effect. The outside painted to enhance the 1900 classical revival style. The inside is fantastic.

This photograph taken after the 1931 earthquake. The streets have been cleaned up to let the traffic through. The fancy parapet on the roof top area is no longer there. Unfortunately it came down killing a young lady as she rushed out of the building into the street.

The Masonic Hotel constructed in 1932 - 1933. Art Deco style. It was built in the depression, the style of art deco was in vogue, simple in construction and cheap.

The Masonic Hotel before the 1931 earthquake. The heart & sole of Napier with it’s two balconies used to great advantage. A good place to drink and to view the many celebrations in front of the hotel & around the band rotunda. Before the earthquake the sea was only a stones throw away.

Masonic after the earthquake, just before the fires broke out in town. The seven hundred thousand bricks which made up the buildings construction no longer uniform. Rats were seen leaving the building just before the fires broke out.

Hotel County 1912 - 1931 - today
Municipla Theatre History in photos from 1912 - today
Masonic Hotel History in photographs
Napier 1931 Public Trust building stands
Public Trust Building Today

Public Trust building with a neo-classical design stands out with its massive classical columns 1920. While badly damaged in the earthquake, only its massive amount of concrete helped it survive.

Public Trust building Napier



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